Diesel Fuel – Food Prices


I am frustrated to no end with the national media and the leaders of this nation.  They report on the costs of Gasoline, but very rarely give any lip service to Diesel fuel, except the occasional word here or there about how home heating fuel has caused the price to go up.

Over the last month plus, the price of a gallon of Diesel has hovered right around $4.00 a gallon, while gasoline prices have been sub $3.00.  I know most of the people drive gasoline cars in America, and therefore the media reports what interests them, which is Gas prices, Not Diesel prices.  However, the cost of food is through the roof and no one seems to be reporting on that.  Even though EVERYONE I know buys and eats food…

Why in the world do you think the cost of food is through the roof?  I’ll give you two hints…

  1. It’s the type of fuel is used in farm tractors?
  2. It’s the type of fuel is used in 18 wheeled tractor trailers that traverse the country delivering food?

That’s right it’s DIESEL fuel!

In being fair in my complaint, the diesel fuel used by the farmers is in most all cases a fuel called “red” diesel, which means they buy the diesel fuel tax free or at least a discount on the taxes, which can be a discount ranging from about .50 cents to a $1.00 per gallon depending on the state and how much they tax diesel fuel.  So that is nice that that discount exists, but it’s only one link in the chain.

Over the road truckers don’t get a real discount on fuel.  They do get somewhat of a bulk fuel discount, but even at that, as I understand it, it might be a good deal one month and a bad one the next.

To my point:

  • The cost of diesel fuel has a direct correlation to the cost of food.
  • If diesel fuel prices are up, you can be assured the cost of all food you buy will also be up.

So why is no one reporting on the price of food or diesel fuel in this country?  I do not have a great deal of hope for the mainstream media to report on anything that I actually care about.  Nor do I have any faith in our current leaders, especially when the current leader of our country wants to push his green theology agenda, which means ALL non-green fuels will get more and more expensive so green technology will become affordable.

The other question that baffles me is how it’s possible that diesel fuel can cost a full $1.00 more than gasoline?  Why is that?  Something is not right.  And I believe that someone somewhere is stuffing his pockets with money on the backs of the American people.

So what do you think?  Why is this the case and why are we silent about it?

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