Buying a Toyota Advice – How to Avoid Getting Taken for a Ride


I recently purchased a 2003 Toyota Camry XLE from a private seller.  All throughout this process I learned a lot that I feel I need to share.  Hopefully what I learned, you won’t have to learn also.

Toyota and Honda are the best car manufacturers on the planet.  As such their cars are in high demand and the used market reflects that.  Coincidentally the Civic, Accord, Corolla and Camry are always in the top 10 stolen cars list.  You will almost always pay more for a comparably equipped Honda or Toyota over pretty much all other manufacturers.

With this being the case, the risk of getting “Taken for a ride” are a lot higher when buying these cars.  I am going to write about my “Ride” in hopes that you won’t get your own personalized version.

The short version of my story is that we bought a car for what appeared to be a good deal, but ended up being ripped off.  The car odometer had 119,000 miles on it.  The actual miles on the car are 260,000+.

How did this happen you might be wondering?

Well, over the next couple blog posts I’m going to outline how you can avoid this and give you some good tips to hopefully help you ensure you buy what you think you are buying.

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