Diesel Fuel – Food Prices

I am frustrated to no end with the national media and the leaders of this nation.  They report on the costs of Gasoline, but very rarely give any lip service to Diesel fuel, except the occasional word here or there about how home heating fuel has caused the price to go up. Continue reading

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Motocross Racing

I have raced 3 times in my life.  I have not done very well, but it’s been quite fun.  This last weekend a couple boys in our neighborhood raced and did quite well. Continue reading

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Finally… Somewhat Stable Weather

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted anything.. I suppose the winter weather and a lingering spring/winter didn’t help me get the motivation to post something. Ahh well, who cares anyway right 🙂 Continue reading

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Risk Racing Palm Protectors

Although I do not suffer from blisters very often due to good glove selection and a vigilant relaxation technique when riding, I have a couple of riding buddies that do suffer from blisters and I know they are not alone, which brings me to reviewing Risk Racing’s Palm Protectors. They claim to stop blisters, help with the dampening of vibrations, and be very comfortable.  Who wouldn’t want that right? Continue reading

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Dirt Bike Maintenance Schedules

Some of my friends consider me to be, as they call it, a “Maintenance Nazi.”  Though I’m not fond of the name, it’s true.  I have seen way too many dirt bikes, cars, and other motor-operated machinery suffer due to none at all or lack of timely scheduled maintenance, which can take a $10 oil change and turn it into a $500+ complete top end rebuild — and yes, I’ve been there and done that too. Continue reading

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