Video: The Great Outdoors – The Destroyers (2008)


I have been a long time fan of the Great Outdoors videos. Without checking I’m pretty sure I own the first 3 years (2002-2005).  This year I decided to give the film another go. I now own it and after sitting down to watch it (I needed a fix with all this time off due to the X-Games) I wanted to post a review.

In the beginning, though I loved the Great Outdoors (GTO) DVD’s, they were too short.  You paid a lot of money for 30 or so minutes of cliff notes motocross.  In 2002 when I purchased my first DVD, I actually called No Fear and complained.  I think the DVD was around 38 minutes long and cost me $25 (if my memory isn’t completely failing me). Needless to say, I wasn’t very thrilled.  The DVD was still fantastic, but the cost to good ratio was pretty low — still good viewing, but spendy.

Fast forward to 2008 (2009 now) and after giving the 2008 video a watching, the first thing I noticed was how long it was.  Needless to say I was thrilled.  1 hour and 24 minutes of heaven.  The price is the same, but the viewing pleasure was 10 fold, as I couldn’t get hung up on the cost to length ratio as previous years had me doing.

One of the notable features of the film is the different angles and parts of the tracks that they are able to capture.  For the most part, I can recognize any of the current 12 National tracks, but a few of them I was unable to recognize due to the different sections the footage was from and the different way they made the film.  A lot of the footage was close-up, which was very cool.  So in short, the shooting and angles are fantastic.

Though the racing in the 2008 MX National season was pretty boring (perfect season for J. Stewart, and nearly perfect for R. Villopoto) the film was still really exciting.  The GTO film crew managed to turn a pretty boring season into a thriller.  For the first few rounds I was actually on the front of my seat excited to see who would win, even though I knew for the most part what was going to happen.

So my suggestion?  If you like Motocross, and I do, I recommend this DVD.  I would rate it a 9/10.  It would be higher if the racing was more exciting — but that’s not the films fault.

You can pick up the film from No-Fear –> The Great Outdoors: The Destroyers

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