Revised: My Next Bike: 2008 Honda CRF450R


In one of my previous posts, I posted that I really wanted a Black 2008 Limited Edition CRF450R –> My Next Bike: 2008 Honda CRF450R

Well, I finally took the time to see if I could find a Black 2008 CRF450R. First off, only “Premier” Honda dealers got them — Premier means they sell only Honda products. Well, we have 3 Premier Honda dealers in our state, none of which are very close to my house.

I started calling and the first 2 did not have any left. The last and finally shop did, they had 1 Black Limited Edition CRF450R left.

I was actually quite surprised as I thought for sure they would all be gone. So after getting over my surprise, I asked how much out the door (OTD). Here’s the break down.

  • Base Price: $7,399.00
  • Freight Fee: $215.00
  • Documentation Fee: $129.00
  • Tire Fee: $1.00
  • Build Fee: $85.00
  • Tax: $470.00
  • License: $81.00

For a Grand Total of: $8,380.00

Can you say OUCH! Needless to say, I will not be getting a Limited Edition CRF.

I got quotes from my local dealer for $7,300 OTD for a red one.

For the price of a RED one I could easily buy after market rims and hubs that would be a lot better and still cost less than the OTD price on the Limited Edition.

What this means is that I can stop worrying and have some patience while this snow melts 🙂 I’ll be getting a RED CRF450R.

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