Motocross Racing


I have raced 3 times in my life.  I have not done very well, but it’s been quite fun.  This last weekend a couple boys in our neighborhood raced and did quite well.

This has perked the interest of my two boys that ride.  Both said they would like to race and would even pay their entry fee’s.  I personally have no problem with them racing and think it would be good for them.  I can’t afford to race a series, but a race here and there is doable.  So I think we’ll do it.

I just need to figure out which race we can make and get preparing.  I’m actually thinking if we could swing it, racing OCA might be the best option — though we don’t know the track at all (it’s private, except for races), which might be a problem.

Anyway, I need to go take a look at the Wild West and USRA race schedules and see what’s available.  I guess we could race in the the Tooele Arenacross or even the Rocky Mountain Raceway race too.  Hmmm, we’ve got a lot of options.

Wish us luck!

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