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As some of you may know by now — if you can read anyway 🙂 that I’m a huge Kevin Windham fan.

Well, in my quest to find out if Kevin is going to be racing any or all of the 2009 Locus Oil AMA Pro Motocross season, I’ve found quite a few very cool videos that I just had to share.

I was asked recently why I like Kevin so much, and I had to think of a way to quantify in words what about him is so likable.  My response was that he’s just a normal guy.  He has loads of talent, races professional MX/SX, yet he’s still just a normal guy.  He’s nice, he’s approachable, and he’s real — besides, if you’ve ever watched him ride at all, you know he is very smooth and fun to watch.  Anyway, I thought some of these videos kind of show some of his personality and might give others a glimps into why I cheer for him even when he’s not doing so well.

First up is a Geico Powersports commercial — I’ve never seen it on TV, but I wish I had.  Sorry, I couldn’t embed the video.

GEICO Powersports motocross commercial featuring Trey Canard and Kevin Windham

This next video is an event One Industries held for their sponsored riders — I think I need to get sponsored by OI!!!

ONE Industries/SuperCar Life Experience – Las Vegas Supercross 2009 from One Industries on Vimeo.

As the 2009 Supercross season came to a close in Las Vegas last week, ONE Industries wanted to finish out the year with a bang. So, we invited some of our sponsored athletes out for a day of fun. What can you do for guys who have done just about everything? We put them behind the wheel of the world’s finest supercars and turned them loose on the racetrack!

ONE Industries would like to thank all of our riders for a great Supercross season and send out a special thanks to the Supercar Life crew for putting on such a great event. Everyone had the time of their lives as evidenced by their huge smiles and bench racing that continued through the end of the day.

For more info about the Supercar Life Experience, check out and

And finally this last one is a video interview done by Too bad he didn’t get to have the fans choose which bike he would be riding… That would have been cool. Oh and don’t miss the awesome KDub nearly upside down whips…

Coincidentally, I have still not discovered if Kevin is going to be racing any or all of the 2009 motocross season.  I’m also wondering about James Stewart…  So if you know about either of them, let me know…  I did however, find out that Chad Reed is racing, so that should add to the excitement.

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