Bill to Ban Riders Under Age 16


Is it me or are we as an OHV community being assaulted by the government?  It sure as heck feels like we are, and not one bit pleased about it, and you shouldn’t be either…

From what I gather this particular bill that I’m referencing is a bill for the state of Illinois, so your state, if different, shouldn’t be affected… or will it?  Even if the bill is only in front of the IL legislature, you can be assured that their will be many states that will eventually follow suit.  Do you want that in your state?  I sure as heck don’t. I read the synopsis on HB3914 from the Illinois General Assembly and it would appear that it is only in the state of IL, but I’m not completely sure, so don’t quote me on it in case I’m wrong.

Riding motorcycles with my Dad and younger brother when I was growing up created very fond memories that I have and will always cherish.  I am trying now as a father to create the same memories for my children.  But with the latest on slaught of legislation relating to OHVs is making this more and more difficult — and the large majority of it is being done under the “safety” umbrella.  Which means that those who don’t have a clue, will vote for it.  Everyone wants more safety, it’s just good logic — unless the cost associated with the safety is too much.  In my opinion, not allowing anyone without a drivers license to ride motorcycles, ATVs and other OHVs off-road is indeed too high a cost.

Here is the article that I first read on Racer X Online: Bill Will Ban Riders Under 16

Give it a look and see if their is any way you can help the state of IL OHV riders save youth riding.  I know I’m going to find a way to be of assistance because I sure as heck don’t want this in my state.

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