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Yesterday I was teasing a long time riding buddy about his new 2009 YZ450F “Garage Queen” that he never rides — which isn’t actually true since he has ridden it, just not with me yet.  Anyway, the thought occurred to me that my site has become just that — an “Interweb Garage Queen”.  So it’s time to dust off the site and give it some much needed love and a face lift since WordPress 3.0 is out with some very cool new features.

First off I want to Congratulate Ryan Dungey (RD5) for his success in winning the Motocross Lites Championship (2009), winning the Supercross 450 Championship (2010), and kicking some butt so far in the Motocross 450 Championship hunt.  He’s my favorite current rider and seems to have what it takes to win it all.  Granted James Stewart (JS7) is off making reality shows, and can’t seem to be bothered with racing, but that’s his loss — though I hear rumors that he might be returning to racing in the next couple of rounds.  The only other person I believe would really make this years MX Championship hunt difficult would be Ryan Villopoto (RV2), but he’s out injured.  I actually believe that RD5 would give both of them a a run for their money, though it would be MUCH more difficult than it has been up to this point, despite his lackluster start to the season (Round 1).

I’ve rambled long enough, but please be patient while I try to get the new site sorted and try to hone my writing skills… I know I’m not that good, but I do want to be, so doesn’t that count for something?  Like in anything we do, practice, practice, practice, and more practice and eventually I’ll get there.

Until next time…

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