In God We Trust…


As most of you know, there is a push by some anti-God groups to get the 10 commandments, “In God We Trust” and other so called “Religious” items removed from government buildings and more specifically, since that’s the topic of this post, our money.

I personally think those that want it removed should simply move to another country that doesn’t have it on their currency.  I want it to stay!  Yes, I am christian, but that doesn’t matter.  I don’t feel that a belief in God, or a higher power, has much if anything to do with christianity.

This nation (The United States of America) was founded under God, and with his trust and blessings, was established, and therefore, it should stay.

Enough of my thoughts, the reason I posted this was that MSNBC is running a poll on this exact topic, and I wanted to help get the word out so we can see what the population of the U.S. really thinks about this topic, because I know the media gives it way more coverage than it deserves — especially when I believe it really is a small minority of the citizens on the United States that actually want it removed.

So without further ado here’s the link:

Live Vote: Should ‘In God We Trust’ be yanked?

At the time of this post the standings were:

24%: Yes

76%: No

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