Burned Out…


Man, I can’t believe this is my first real post of 2009.  We have a new president, I’ve been riding in sunny, warm Mesquite, NV two times, and shoveled more snow than I care to.  So I’ve just not had the energy to post anything — You could say I’m a little burned out.  I hoping this little blurb will get me back on track and I’ll start coming up with new and exciting things to post about.

I do have two or maybe it’s three riding trip photo galleries that I still need to post, but those take time and sometimes a little more effort than I’m willing to put in at the moment.  Winter here in not so sunny Utah just tends to get me down a little.

The 2009 Supercross has been pretty exciting though, and I’ve been cheering on Chad Reed to actually win it.  For some reason I just don’t care much for James Stewart.  He is so fun to watch, but he’s just not my favorite.  Kevin Windham has been all but a full let down for me (I so want him to win), so I’ve resorted to cheering for the Aussie (maybe it’s because he’s on a Suzuki??).

So far, Chad has yet to notch a win, but with only a 9 point lead over Stewart (after Houston), he’d better pin it, and soon or he’s going to let the 2009 SX championship pass him by.

The Lites class is going a little better as far my riders anyway. J-Law (Jason Lawrence) is all but throwing his chances out the window — which is fine by me.  On the other hand Ryan Dungey is riding flawlessly, which is awesome — maybe it’s the FOX gear 🙂

I certainly have enjoyed watching this season that’s for sure.  Thanks to slicknick610 for making that possible.  He’s a stud for doing what he’s doing.

I do have some plans (or at least I’m making plans) to write some how-to articles in the very near future on greasing your motorcycle chassis, tightening spokes, and maybe changing springs and rebuilding suspension (Showa anyway).  So stay tuned…

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