MX Sports Announces ’09 Outdoor Schedule and Format


This is simply a repeat of what you can find posted over on Cycle News –> MX Sports Announces ’09 Outdoor Schedule and Format. But I thought it was certainly note worthy for those who don’t read Cycle News very often.

This personally has me pretty excited.  More TV Coverage, the class names are changed to 250 and 450 respectively, and the races will be held on Saturday (all but one anyway).

Here are the main point from the article.  But again, please read the full article from Cycle News

2009 schedule :

May 23 – Glen Helen Raceway
May 30 – Hangtown
June 6 – Freestone Raceway
June 20 – High Point Raceway
June 27 – Thunder Valley MX
July 4 – Red Bud
July 18 – Spring Creek MX Park
July 25 – Washougal MX Park
August 15 – Unadilla
August 22 – Budds Creek
August 29 – Southwick MX-338
September 5 – Steel City Raceway

2009 Television

The first major announcement is that a minimum of three rounds of the series will be broadcast live on Speed TV. The rounds that are not aired live will be same-day coverage, with the races being shown at 10 p.m. on Saturday nights (7 p.m. on the west coast), while the 250cc class will be shown on the following Tuesdays. In addition, the first set of motos will be broadcast live and free on the internet. The Women’s Motocross Association, which will expand to eight rounds, will also receive Speed TV and live internet coverage.

Class names

Each of the two professional classes will receive a new name, with the goal to better identify the classes to the fans. The classes will be renamed from Lites to simply 250, while the Motocross class will be renamed the 450 class. This name format, a return to the traditions of the sport, allows for easier recognition for the fans while clearly identifying the size of the motorcycle.

Race day format

The format on race day will also see a change as the premier class of 450cc bikes will be the first on track for both motos at each event, followed by the 250cc class. The 2009 AMA Toyota Motocross Championships will incorporate the traditional two-moto format; 30 minutes plus two laps.

#1 Plate required

Previous year champions for each class will be required to run the #1 plate if they are defending their championship.

Open rear number plates

The rear number plates on each side of the motorcycle will be no longer be required to display a colored background with the riders number. Riders and teams may use this space to showcase sponsor logos and their names, while maintaining the traditional numbering system on the front. With the advance of transponders and digital scoring, MX Sports is giving this space over to the riders and teams.

All in all I think this is great new for the sport of Motocross. And I’m glad to see it’s evolving to hopefully get more exposure, and more fans. As I see it, this is GREAT!

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