Kevin Windham at Piru MX Park


I am a huge Kevin Windham fan.  I have been since I got back into riding in 2002.  He’s one of the smoothest riders on the planet.  I just love watching him ride.  I was also very sad that he didn’t race the 2008 AMA Motocross season.  This year it appears that he might be racing it.  I’ve heard nothing that says he’s not, though, I’ve also not heard he would be either, but I hope he is… My Brother-in-law sent me this link a few weeks ago, and I’ve probably watched it 20 or so times since I got it.  This is Kevin at Piru MX Park in SoCal (Southern California).  HE even says that he’s practicing for “Possible outdoors” :D.  I really hope he races.  My fingers are crossed!!!  Hopefully I see him lined up next week at Glen Helen.

Oh, and enjoy the Quad jump… talk about amazing… that’s a lot of AIR time!

Enjoy the video.

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