Congratulations Team Honda and Davi Millsaps


I just finished watching the 2008 Atlanta Supercross, Supercross Class race, and wow, what a barn burner. I have been a Honda fan since I bought my first real MX bike in 2002 (2003 CRF450R), so I’ve always been a fan of anyone on a Honda when it comes to racing.

Well the Atlanta race was spectacular if you are a Honda fan, because Honda took 1, 2, & 3 for a RED sweep of the podium.

Davi Millsaps took to top step of the podium after following Chad Reed around the track for a few laps, when Chad had a big get off over one of the walls (spine). Davi went on to win his first ever Supercross Class win of his career. Congratulations Davi and Team Red Bull Honda.

The 2nd spot on the box went to Kevin Windham. K-Dub got a decent start (6th) and worked his way up to 3rd, when Chad had his get off, which moved him up to 2nd where he stayed for the duration.

Andrew Short (Shorty) took the 3rd and final spot on the podium after a 4th place start, behind Team L&M Racings Nathan Ramsey. Nathan had a great race and ended up with his best of the season 5th place finish. Chad Reed ended up in 6th, which is probably the first time in years that he’s finished out side of the top 5 (with the exception of mechanical failures).

Also of note was Red Dog Timmy Ferry. I don’t care if you like Kawasaki or not, you’ve got to like Red Dog. He’s a veteran, and he’s faster now than I think he may have ever been. He’s a family man (like K-Dub), and just a nice guy with a ton of skills. Not to mention I believe he’s 30+ years old, which for motocross is considered pretty old (most have called it quits by then). Timmy ended up with a 4th place finish after some good bar banging & block passing with Shorty left him relegated to 4th.

Great race.

Top 5 in order:

  1. Davi Millsaps – 118 Honda
  2. Kevin Windham – 14 Honda
  3. Andrew Short – 29 Honda
  4. Timmy Ferry – 15 Kawasaki
  5. Nathan Ramsey – 25 Yamaha
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