Chad Reed’s Championship to Lose?


With James Stewart out for the season (injured left knee), and a 19 point lead over 2nd place Kevin Windham, is the 2008 Supercross Championship Chad Reed’s to lose?

I think it is…

He’s really turned it up a notch, and I actually think he would have given James a run for his money.

The two veterans, Kevin Windham (2nd, -19) and Timmy Ferry (3rd, -40) , are both awesome riders. Neither rider has won a championship in the big boy class (supercross). With James out, this is may be their last chance. But perfect riding and top step podiums are going to have to come in spades for it to happen. Lets just hope we see some good racing. I hate a run away series.

To be honest though, I can’t see a chink in Chad’s armor. Besides a mechanical failure, the outlook looks bleak for anyone else at this point. It’s a long season though, and only time will tell I guess.

I’m a huge KDub (Kevin Windham) fan, and I would love nothing more than to see him go out with a championship… Do we have another 2004 series battle brewing? Maybe — I just hope KDub doesn’t take too long before he turns up the heat on Chad’s lead.

Go KDub!!!

Next up Anaheim III… Will Chad sweep Anaheim?

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