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One of my biggest complaints so far about the 2009 Lucas Oils Motocross Nationals has been the lack of coverage for moto 1 of each race.  As a fan, I don’t want to “hear” how moto 1 went, I want to “see” how moto 1 went.  Though I do appreciate the short synopsis they show on Speed and NBC, I really want to see the entire event, and that means as many laps as I can from both moto 1 & moto 2!

Well, unknown to me up to this point, Alli Sports (Alliance of Action Sports) has been saving them for us all to view online.  Wooo Hooooo!!!

Due to the fact that the 2nd moto’s are being televised on Speed or NBC, they are only posting for our viewing pleasure moto 1, which is fine by me, and is certainly better then nothing at all.

So, Thank YOU Alli Sports and for those taking the time read my post — > Here’s the link:

2009 Motocross Race Archive

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