2008 Motocross Nationals are Here!


Glen Helen here we come!

Although it’s been a great supercross season, we are at the eve of the 2008 Motocross Nationals, and I couldn’t be more excited. Sure supercross is enjoyable to watch, but it’s just not the nationals. I prefer the Nationals 2 to 1 over Supercross any day of the week. Their is just something special about 30 minutes + 2 laps x 2 that is just awesome.

With a healthy James Stewart ready to race, a retired G.O.A.T (Ricky Carmichael), a Supercross only Chad Reed, and a part time Kevin Windham, I’m sure the racing for 1st place will be all but non-existent — which makes for some boring racing if you ask me. It will however, be nice to see James back on a bike. He truly is amazing.

However, there are some new racers to the 450 class this year that should help make for some more exciting racing from 2nd – 5th, and maybe beyond.

Mike Alessi is back, as is Grant Langston, Ivan Tedesco & Ben Townley (first year in the MX 450 class). Then of course you have the regulars that seem to, for the most part, be there come rain or shine — Timmy Ferry, Andrew Short, & Davi Millsaps.

The MX Lites class should still be good, although with Ben Townley moving up to the MX class, who will challenge Ryan Villopoto? Could the very likable Trey Canard be the man? What about equally likable Ryan Dungey? Oh, and how could I forget Villopoto’s nemesis Jason Lawrence? What about Dan Reardon? Could he play the spoiler?

However you look at it, it’s GREAT to be in National season again. I’ve missed it.

Over on All Things Moto! we have a Motocross Fantasy league challenge with sponsors and everything, so if you are into fantasy type games, and like Motocross, than you should join in the fun. Oh and did I mention that their are prizes for the weekly winner & it’s FREE!

Come join the fun and get ready for some awesome motocross racing!!!

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