2008 Anaheim II Retro-Night Pre-Racing


Some of the guys over at Allthingsmoto.com have started a thread titled “Retro Night Coming Up. How ’bout Some Vids.” If you love racing, and I do, you need to check this out. Talk about some awesome racing video of some “retro” races held in Anaheim stadium in the ’80’s.

What was really cool is hearing all the names like:

Eric Kehoe
Ricky Johnson
David Bailey
Brock Glover
Jeff Ward
Johnny O’mara
Larry Brooks

Just to name a few…

They even show some footage of some Suzuki ATV Quad racing.

Again, if you love racing, and if you love retro/vintage racing, you need to check this out!

Retro Night Coming Up. How ’bout Some Vids.

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