2008 Anaheim I Supercross


After watching Anaheim I Supercross, I just wanted to put down my thoughts.

How about the Lites class! Man what a barn burner. Great racing.


  1. Ryan Dungey (28)
  2. Jason Lawrence (338, aka J-Law)
  3. Justin Brayton (114 — GREAT ride for him)
  4. The Aussie Daniel James Reardon (122)
  5. The rookie Austin Stroupe (51)

If you haven’t see this race, you should. The track was a mess — though I’ve certainly seen worse. The problem seemed to be that you had great traction in some spots, but not so good in others (slick), so it made for some really interesting racing. For most of the race there were 3-5 riders all within 3 seconds of each other. Great Riding and Racing for sure.

Supercross Class:

Whoever wrote off James Stewart (7) (they talked about it in the broadcast) was nuts. What were they thinking? I would never write him off … ever!

Those who know me know I am an avid Kevin Windham (14) fan. I just love the guy. He is sooo smooth, and just fun to watch. Being a family man doesn’t hurt either.

But how about Chad Reed (22) – Though he didn’t have to race Stewart head to head, he didn’t make the mistakes, and in the end pulled off the win. He also ended up with a considerable 17 second lead. Nice job Reedy.

Though I’m not a big Chad Reed fan, I am a fan of “Good” racing — I hate a run away, and this proves to me that maybe, just maybe Chad has what it takes to run with Stewart this year. Lets hope so anyway…


  1. Chad Reed (22)
  2. James Stewart (7)
  3. Tim Ferry (15)
  4. Grant Langston (8)
  5. Kevin Windham (14)

What a great start to a great season. I actually think this might be a season to watch, with real racing and everything. 😉

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