Updated Info About the Easton EXP Motocross Handlebars


A little more than a month ago, I posted an entry titled “New Easton EXP Motocross Handlebars” which is obviously about the new handlebar offering from Easton.

Well, something happened today over on allthingsmoto.com that doesn’t happen very often. On the thread that was started about the new Easton EXP bars, we received a visit and some great additional information from what would appear to be an Easton employee (csack56) or at least someone in the “know” about the bars, which is really cool in my opinion.

I just had to pass the information along to anyone that actually reads my posts.

The first thing he mentioned is that they won’t be available until the middle of April (2008), which is good to know, and should actually be right about the same time I get my new bike.

He also mentioned that on their site they have a conversion chart of sorts that will tell you what Easton bar bends correspond to the other “named” bends out there. With a little digging I found what he mentioned in the FAQ section. Coincidentally he also answered my question about which bar corresponds to the Windham bend –> EXP M 94 56 with the first number referring to height (94mm), and the second number referring to pull back (56mm).

He also mentioned the difference in the height, which is good to know, because if you compare actual size of a named bar bend vs. and EXP bar bend, they won’t quite work out the same. I’ll quote what he said, but basically the bar mounts are 4mm taller than normal bar mounts, so the bends are made to compensate for that like the “universal” named bar bends do.

“I also want to let everyone out there know that our bar is a complete system and must be used with our perch clamps which sit 4mm higher than a stock perch clamp and therefore all bar bends we offer have this compensation built in so that overall height is the same.”

Pretty cool information to know if you are looking into getting these bars, which I am.

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