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If you’ve been into motocross as all for even any length of time, you more than likely are aware of the different bar sizes and bends that are available. There are also a bunch of different brands to choose from. Up to this point my favorite has been the original Pro-Taper 1 1/8″ (28mm) bars made by Easton (I believe these are now known as the Pro-Taper EVO — Though there is no mention of Easton on them like there used to be). Anyway, I had the original Pro-Tapers on my bike for 5 years, which included many get offs, and tons of ride time, and I never once bent them. They were and still are (I know the owner of my bike now) running strong and have yet to show any signs of weakness.

I am not aware of what might have happened, but it appears to me that Easton and Pro-Taper must have ended the long time relationship they held, because I don’t see any mention of Easton Aluminum (EA70) on Pro-Tapers website like there used to be a few years ago. Although I have no idea what the deal really is, as there is no mention of it anywhere that I’ve looked.

Well, this last month I read an article in Transworld Motocross Magazine about the new Easton EXP Motocross Handlebars. Well, I just had to check them out — I have not seen them in person yet, but I’ve checked out their website and have read everything I could find on them. I also know that Team Yamaha of Troy (Jason Lawrence #338, etc.) is running them. Transworld MX rated them a 9/10, which is obviously good, but I honestly don’t hold much stock in what any magazine says about anything. I however, do know from past experience that Easton makes some great products (if you played baseball or softball at all, you are well aware of Easton products).

The new Easton EXP bars are very unique in that they are larger in the middle at 35mm vs. the older design of 28mm. This also requires larger bar clamps to accommodate the larger center section — however, you had to buy adapters or larger bar clamps to run the older 28mm version anyway, so that is not a big deal from where I sit. Besides these bar clamps are supposed to be pretty cool with the new “Top Lock” technology.

Also worth noting is they come with riding terrain specific bends/bar lengths to better accommodate riding terrain and style.

MX/SX/AX/Off Road



You can read more about the new bars at Easton EXP, but here is a run down of some of the features of this new bar:

Larger center section: 35mm or 1 3/8″

Custom Easton bar clamps for the larger diameter center section.

Non-rider specific bends (bends aren’t named after a rider)

Fatigue testing proves to be 3x more than previous Pro-Taper bars

Now I just need to figure out what bend they have that is comparable to the Kevin Windham MX bend and I’ll be good to go.

Windham MX 02-4767 – Height: 3.90″ (99mm); Sweep: 2.13″ (54mm)

At this point, I really want to get these bars. With the added flex/vibration dampening they seem like a sweet set of bars… Now I just need a bike 🙂

Give ’em a look at: — You can also check out what the guys over on have to say about them –> Easton EXP Bars.

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