The Best How to Change a Motorcycle Tire Video


I found it. After some diligent searching on Transworld Motocross I was unable to find the video they did a couple years ago about how to change a tire. However, I did some looking on YouTube to see if some how it made it on there, and to my pleasant surprise it did.

This is the best video I’ve ever seen on this topic. The other ones I posted are decent, but they don’t go into enough detail about how you do what you do, and why. Bridgestone’s Doug Schopinsky on the other hand does all of that and more. He says something important that I often think about. “If changing the tire is difficult, you’re doing something wrong.” This statement is true. I honestly don’t change enough tires to remember all the tips, so almost always either before I change the tire, or once I’m frustrated enough, I sit down and watch the videos again and sure enough, everything goes a lot smoother after that.

Here are the videos — Enjoy!

This is a 3 part series that you can use the controls at the bottom to watch the ones you want or simply press play and it will play all 3 in succession.

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