How To: Change 4-Stroke Top End


One of my favorite web sites besides is Recently I was checking out all there video’s and found a great “How To” video on changing the piston on a 4-Stroke motorcycle (KXF, RM-Z, YZF, CRF, SXF, etc.). Let me also state that I have replaced the piston on my old 2003 CRF450, so I know how to do it, and this really is a great, informational video.

It’s really not a hard job. I think most people think the valves or something make this job difficult, but in reality, as long as you are patient, and have some tools, it’s a piece of cake.

If you’re adding a higher compression piston like they did, you’ll also see a little better umph from your steed.

So without further delay here they are (2 video’s – Part 1 & Part 2). You’ll also want to stop the play of the 2nd video because they auto-start.

Part 1


Part 2

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