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Again, I found yet another great video by about how to change a tire on your dirt bike. If you are like most people you take you tire to the local shop and pay anywhere from $10 (if you are lucky) on up to $30 to have a tire changed.

In reality, changing a tire is not very difficult IF you know all the tricks to making the job easier. Once you know them you can save yourself some money.

This is very well done and shows some great tips and technique. Transworld MX also did a series on these that I will see if I can locate and link to as well since the video’s they did are the best I’ve seen to date — Found it –> The Best How to Change a Motorcycle Tire Video.

Also, based off my own experience the tools he has for changing a tire are VERY helpful, especially that huge tire iron — which is also helpful if someone wants to start something at the track 😉 . I do not have a tire stand, but they make it a lot easier too. One other tip is to use WD40 on the bead of the tire when trying to put it on. Personally I just use soapy water in a spray bottle which does the job just fine.  Just make sure you won’t be riding for a day or more because it takes some time to dry.  Otherwise, windex or something similar is better if you will be riding shortly after installation.

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Part 2 of 2

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