Jordan River OHV Riding Photos – 11/07/2009


Wow, it’s been a while… since I’ve post period, but even longer since I’ve posted pictures.  Not that I haven’t taken some, because I have, it’s just a lot of work to post them, so until now, I guess you could say I’ve been too lazy to do so 🙂 …  Until now…

Thanks Tyler and Jason for a FANTASTIC Fall riding session.  I think we all agree a great time was certainly had. It was getting dark though, which made for some tough shots, but thanks to my prime 50 f/1.4 it worked out well. The depth of field on these is almost non-existent, but they turned out quite well despite all of that.

If you see any pictures you want, let me know which ones and I’ll send you the originals.

I normally post some of the photos in my blog post, but again, I’m feeling less lazy, but I’m not fully recovered yet. 🙂  That’s okay though because you can see all of them from the photo gallery.

Enjoy — Direct Link:

Jordan River OHV Park – 11/07/2009 (164 Photos)

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