Tooele UT Motocross Track (Desert Peak) Pictures


I recently heard that the Desert Peak Motocross Facility (Tooele MX) had changed up parts of the track. Since this track is my local track I had to go check it out. Though I did not have a bike, I still had to go see it. I really like the changes.

For those of you that are familiar with the track, the back rythm section has been changed from:

Double to Table


Table top

To 3 double to tables. They also seem to be longer. The section seems to start sooner after the corner. Oh and the section directly before it that was a step-on step-off is now nothing other than a straight away.

I took some pictures of the jumps and posted them over on All Things Moto!, so you can click this link to see what they look like (about half way down).

Otherwise I took some shots of some guys that were making it look easy. I do not know either of these riders though, so if you do, let me know who they are. I got 2 really good shots of one of them (#29).

Here’s a link to the gallery –> Tooele MX 4/12/2008

Here are my 2 favorite shots. I really love the background in both these shots.  Click on either picture to see larger versions — or you can just view them in the gallery.

#29 at Tooele MX

#29 at Tooele MX

I had a great time shooting. I hope to be doing some riding soon!!! Watching and taking photo’s just doesn’t cut it.

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