Jordan River OHV Riding Photos – 10/30/2008


Man it’s seems like forever between riding dates, but I finally got to hit the track again.  This time my brother was going to come a little later and take some photos.  He hurt his sternum while at the dunes a few weeks ago, so riding for him just wasn’t in the cards.  I certainly missed riding with him.

This track adventure, however, included quite a few guys and a wife (photographer — though I don’t have the pictures, nor are these the pictures that she took).  It was a lot of fun and everyone was safe — which is always good when you consider the dangers associated with motocross.

We also heard from a guy that the big finish line table/double (not sure what to call it), is 88′ long, which absolutely make that the biggest jump I’ve ever hit.  You’ll see in the photos what can happen if you are on the gas when leaving the take off.  All I can say is I’m glad the landing eventually came.  I really should have stomped on my rear brake, but for some reason doing that technique completely eluded me.  Believe me, the pucker factor was pretty high.

I also got to ride a WR450, which is a pretty nice bike on the track believe it or not (I certainly didn’t).  I really don’t care for the Yamaha ergonomics, but the bike is still quite nice.  I also rode a 2006 KX250F which is also a really nice bike.  Probably the best 250F I’ve ridden to date.  The motor still lacks the power “I” need, but it’s a great power plant, and handles really well.

Well enough rambling.  My sidelined brother took 145 pictures, of which 84 turned out reasonably well.  These are the highlights.



This is the near loop-out pictures -- Pucker factor of 10 for sure.

I think you'll agree, this one is much better.

Motion Blur

The All Elusive Motion Blur

You can view the gallery from my MX Photography page or here is a direct link to the photos:

Jordan River OHV Park – 10/30/2008 (84 Photos)

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