Jordan River OHV Riding Photos – 10/09/2008


Man, it seems like it’s been forever since I took any pictures when I’ve gone riding… Which is too bad, because riding and not capturing some of it with pictures or video isn’t nearly as fun. Though I really have to get someone else to take some pictures of me too. Ahh well, after a great day at the track, who cares, just so long as you get some photos. Well, I did in fact get some.

Track conditions have certainly been better, and arm pump seemed to be the main course. But the riding was still good and the company even better. The pictures are of my Nephew, my Brother-in-law (father to the nephew), and my brother.

We had a blast and though I am a little timid when it comes to huge hits (jumps), I mustered up the courage and hit the biggest jump I’ve ever jumped to date. I’d guess it’s about 60 feet (maybe more?) which isn’t too long, but you get some good height too, which adds to the “pucker” factor quite a bit. Needless to say, I was stoked!

Some highlights starting with my Nephew — who coincidentally is getting better and better every time we go:

Now for some pretty cool whoops riding (my bro & BiL)

My BiL hitting the finish line jump. And yes, this is the mamoth that I jumped for the first time as well 🙂

Same Jump, just my brother this time

And finally some side by side action over the same monster finish line jump.

You can view the gallery from my MX Photography page or here is a direct link to the photos:

Jordan River OHV Park – 10/09/2008 (302 Photos)

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