Jordan River OHV Park Track Photos – 5/20/2008


I have been bugging my brother-in-law to call me and tell me when he’s going riding so I could come out and enjoy the fun and live vicariously though him (being bike-less just stinks).

Over the last few weeks he has been calling me and telling me when and where he would be riding, which up to this point has not been a good time for me at all. But this last week, I just had to go — I only had 30 minutes, but I needed a fix, and wanted to get some pictures and see the changes they made to the Jordan River OHV Park track (it’s under new management).

So after getting there and taking some photos, I am very excited to be able to ride that track. When I had a bike, I always liked it. It gets rough, and has some pretty fun jumps which are all do-able.

So without further rambling here are the photos of my brother-in-law. He’s looking a lot better than last time I saw him ride. Way to go JA.

You can view the gallery from my MX Photography page or here is a direct link to the photos:

Jordan River OHV Park – 5/20/2008 (40 Photos)

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