Boys Riding Motocycles – 5/24/2008


A funny thing happened the other evening. I had decided to sell our LEM 50cc motorcycle as my boys are getting bigger, and I have 3 50cc motorcycles. Back in the day that was okay, but they are all a lot bigger, so they don’t enjoy riding the 50’s any more. I still need one bike for my 7 year old, but otherwise it’s time to upgrade.

So Saturday evening I went outside to clean the LEM and get some pictures of it to post it for sale on our local TV stations web site ( I was just touching up and re-sizing the photos of the LEM to post online, when my son called (he was at a friends) to ask if he could go with his good buddy to ride their 4-wheeler in a field near our home. I said sure.

Well, shortly after that my son came to my computer area to ask if he could take one of the 50’s so he could ride it instead of sharing the 4-wheeler with him. I said sure, and proceeded to follow him to the garage. I asked which one he wanted to take and he said the LEM. Well, his friends father was right there with us and I told my son that he couldn’t because I just washed it because we were selling it, so I didn’t want him to get it dirty, and told him to take the XR50 instead.

Well the friends father over heard us, and wanted to know how much, etc, and basically said, “Why don’t you sell it to us?”

I replied, “Well, why don’t you buy it then.”

Short of the story is they bought it. Talk about cool. I didn’t even have to post it online or take 100 phone calls from people to get it sold. I was thrilled and thankful.

In the end I went with them (though a little delayed), and took some pictures of the two ripping it up. Their favorite part was a mud puddle they found.

You can view the gallery from my MX Photography page or here is a direct link to the photos:

Boys Riding enjoying the mud – 5/24/2008 (55 Photos)

Here are a few of my Favorites!

Doing one hander

Riding through the mud

Riding through the mud

I’m pretty sure they had a good time, as did I. It’s always fun taking boys riding.

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