How old are your tires… Are they safe?


Someone forwarded me a video done my ABC’s 20/20 program.  I’m always thinking about tires. Maybe because they cost so much, maybe because they are somewhat of a bling factor on many vehicles…  Maybe because I’m a guy — I’m sure my wife doesn’t spend more than 2 seconds a year thinking about them unless one goes flat…

Well, this video is very interesting.  I’ve not checked my tires yet, but I will.  I know my brother just had 1 tire blow out on his F-250 truck.  It blew up just like the tires shown in the video.  It cause about $2,000 worth of damage to the bed of his truck, and he also found out that the one on the other side was ready to go too.

Both had plenty of tread and didn’t appear sun damaged or rotted.  That’s pretty scary…  Especially since I have a large vehicle (Excursion) that if the tire let go like one of these in the video, I don’t like my chances…

Now let me also say, getting a flat tire, and having a tire blow-out is NOT the same thing.  A blow-out is very very different.  A blow-out is much more dangerous, as you will see in the video.

Take a look at your tires, you might be surprised at what the date reveals.  I know tires are expensive, but is your life or your families life worth it?  Mine is…

Here’s the video hosted by

Here’s a link to the actual video on –> Aged Tires: A Driving Hazard?

I know when I buy new tires, I’ll request to see them before they are mounted.  I want to make sure they are a year or less old.  If not, I’ll request that they are.  You pay way too much money for them not to be actually NEW.  I also think it’s reasonable for inventory to sit for a year or so, but more than that and I’m sorry, It’s my money and I won’t be buying 10 day old bread marked as fresh!  My families life it worth at least that much, aren’t yours?

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