DP-Tuner Review – First Trip


Well, I’ve had my DP-Tuner for a couple of weeks now and so far I am very satisfied.

Initially I was a little turned off by how much louder the engine was with the new chip, but oddly enough, over time it has gotten more quiet. I know there are some that would think I’m just getting used to it, but I’m comparing it to the stock tune that I have on the chip, so I know I’m not just “used to it.”

Well, I took the Excursion from Tooele, UT (4,309′ ASL) to Evanston, WY (6,749′ ASL) over this last weekend. The trip is about 120 miles each way. I drove on I-80 the entire way, which means I drove through Parley’s Canyon which is a major climb to say the least. This particular trip is not flat — you are either climbing a hill or going down one all the time, which should make for some less than stellar gas mileage numbers. However to hopefully get the best idea, I did not reset the odometer or refill until the entire trip was complete, so these are round trip numbers with my 5 children and our bags (spent the weekend at Grandma’s house).

For the most part I left the Excursion on cruise control set at 68mph (right about 2000 rpm) and just let her cruise. There are certain points on the trip that involve some 55 mph curves, so at that point I throttled her back to 60 mph (only about 10 miles). The trip also included a couple of very cold morning starts, with some short around town driving (the great equalizer :)).

Enough rambling, here are the numbers.

Chip Tune: 80 Economy from Jody @ DP-Tuner

Total Mileage: 253.6 miles

Total Fuel Used @ fillup: 14.894 (LSD 500 PPM fuel)

The math: 253.6/14.894 = 17.026

17 mpg is pretty good. That is not an easy trip for any vehicle with all the climbing involved. I was pretty happy with those numbers. I can’t wait to see how she does on a normal (more flat driving) trip.

Also, just another note of interest, I have never ever in my life driven 70 mph over Parley’s canyon (usually I barely maintain 50 mph), but I just left the cruise on 68, and let her rip. I saw EGTs (Exhaust Gas Temperatures) of 900 degrees which are well below the danger zone (1200), and turbo boost @ 12 psi (normal for the trip was about 4-6 psi of boost).

All in all I am very happy. 17 miles to the gallon on that trip with kids and gear over some pretty hill laden terrain isn’t bad in my book, especially when you consider I’m driving a 4 ton (8,000lbs) vehicle (that’s before kids and gear).

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