DP-Tuner for my 2001 Excursion 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel


As previously mentioned in my last blog entry (Chip for my 2001 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel Excursion), I have been on the market for a new chip for my Excursion. I was really torn between the Tony Wildman & DP-Tuner chips, and until someone I trust, that runs both, mentioned his thoughts on each chip, I didn’t know which way I was going.

Well, I did it. I finally decided on the DP-Tuner chip from Jody and Diane Tipton. I ordered it yesterday and I’ve already received emails stating that the chip will ship tomorrow — Now that right there is FAST! Maybe I’ll even have it by the weekend 🙂

The other deciding factors that I really could not overlook were the better “flip” part of the DP-Tuner chip (it’s digital, and not just a knob), the ability to add 16 tunes to one chip (WOW), and the no-additional charge for the no-start & stock tunes. The DP chip was also less expensive (not by much, but it still was).

Here is what I ordered (hard parts):

  • F5 1-16 Position Chip (Diesel)
  • F5 Multi-Position Switch: Blue
  • F5 Remote Switcher Mount

Here are the tunes I ordered in there respective switch locations (6 total):

  1. Position 0: No-Start
  2. Position 1: Stock
  3. Position 2: Hi-Idle RPM (1200) (For Warmup, Boost A/C Output, Running a Winch, Jump Starting)
  4. Position 3: 60hp Tow High Altitude (Recommended for altitude over 4000 FT)
  5. Position 4: 80hp Tow High Altitude (Recommended for altitude over 4000 FT)
  6. Position 5: 80hp Econo (Daily driving for mileage)

For a grand total (including shipping) of: $441.30

For those of you that still have a good dose of testosterone running through your veins, he offers a LOT of different options with a ton more HP/Torque. I wasn’t interested in those, but some of you might be. Give DP-Tuner a look if you haven’t already.

I’ll hopefully be able to sell my Diablo (110HP) chip for close to $200 to help recoup some of that cost. Coincidentally, I hear that the 110HP tune from most other “off the shelf” chips/tuners won’t hold a candle to the 80hp Econo from DP-Tuner (I hear the same about Tony’s chips too). I guess I’ll know soon enough.

Once it’s installed, I’ll post a report on my thoughts. Oh, and include some MPG numbers as well, which was the driving force behind getting a new chip (I want better mileage — even if it is only 1mpg).

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