DP-Tuner Chip Initial Impressions


Well, after ordering my DP-Tuner for my 2001 Ford Excursion Diesel on Tuesday evening, I took delivery on Thursday (WOW). Now that’s fast. I did pay for USPS speedy shipping, but sheesh, that’s still fast. It went from Georgia to Utah in short order.

The product is awesome. The chip is very well made and looks good (I’m a computer person by trade, so I’ve seen plenty of computer boards), and the F5 switch is a thing of beauty.

I still haven’t mounted it yet because my entire family and I have been sick for the past 4 days, but I did install it, and it’s just hanging there looking pretty 🙂 I’ll get it mounted as soon as I feel better.

Both my wife and I have had a chance to drive with the new chip, and both of us really like the power. We are running the 80hp Economy tune for daily driving. The nice part is that it seems to make really good power, and I mean really good power, without the turbo spooling at all. Once the turbo spools, you better hold on, cause it takes off like a rocket ship. Which is pretty impressive when you consider that an unloaded Diesel Excursion weighs in at 4 tons (8,000lbs).

My only complaint so far is that this chip has actually made our Excursion a lot louder. Both my wife and I noticed this. I’ve sent an email to find out if this is normal or not, and I’m hoping it’s not, because I enjoyed the quiet at speeds, however, I think it probably is normal. More than likely it’s the injectors making more noise.

I had the chance to drive the Excursion tonight for a little trip (45miles each way) and was pleased with the gas mileage (17mpg). Although that is not figured with good old math because I’ve not filled it up yet, so that 17mpg figure is what the overhead display is reading (normally around 1mpg too high). So really I’m probably getting 16, but I won’t know for sure until I fill it up sometime next week. Still better than my last chip though.

So all in all, besides the extra noise, it’s awesome.

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