About Me

I’m just a guy. I love motocross, my family, and my religion (God) — though not in that order.

I am an IT Consultant by trade, and do pretty well at it (JDub Consulting).

Interesting Tid-bits about me:

  • I am an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
  • I have 5 boys, and 1 girl (last one).
  • I served a mission for my church (mentioned above) in Minnesota, where I learned and still speak Hmong. Not real useful where I live now, but I still keep up on it.
  • I LOVE everything and anything to do with Motocross — Photography, Riding, Reading, Watching, you name it.
  • I own and run two (2) online web forums. One is mine (AllThingsMoto.com) and one is my wifes — though I keep it running (BodynSpirit.net). And I try and keep this site alive and well too.
  • I come from a family of eleven (11) with 6 sisters, and 2 brothers, all of whom are alive and well.

Well that’s me in a nut shell. There’s probably more, but who’s got time for that 🙂

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